Work hard, have fun, help others

Enable Londoners to live their life to the fullest. And enjoy the ride on the way!


Who are Technique Health and Fitness?

Our mission is to do everything possible to help our clients overcome their health issues and achieve their goals.

This could be helping an older man who’s suffered a fall to be able to walk to the shops again, or helping a talented young runner compete internationally.

In light of this, we believe that client by client, bit by bit, we can help to keep London fit, active and healthy.


We are looking for motivated people to join our team and give our clients the best experience possible.


Everyone’s Welcome

Cliched but true: we spend more time with our colleagues than our family. So lets do it right.

At Technique, we aspire to a completely inclusive workplace. One that cares and supports each other.


At Technique, success at work is getting the job done – specifically, recovering our clients.

We aspire to be smart and professional, but not interested in jargon!

We’re “in the room”

A job without a purpose is like traveller without a road.

Motivated by our core purpose to help people achieve their health goals, everyday we aspire to go into work driven and dedicated.

We’re fun

London is a fantastic pot of people from all walks of life. Its a great place to meet and socialise with people, particularly in London’s health and fitness scene.

So yes, we like to go out for team drinks and events often!

Hungry to grow

We’re small but a force to be dealt with!

We’re excited by our drive to help people, and feel it gives us an edge. We want to expand on a good thing. We’re always looking for ways to evolve be it to give or to grow.

Aspire for excellence

At Technique, we aspire to be constantly learning.

Not only is this because it makes us better at our job, but because the human body is fascinating!


Inspiring workplaces

As we are partnered with many leading gyms and fitness companies, we’re lucky to share their facilities.

These are modern spaces with all the kit you need, as well as having great atmospheres.


At Technique, we know that great staff make great businesses. Therefore, we want you to grow.

Typically, this means CPD, but we also encourage development beyond this in skills like leading, working as a team and communicating. Luckily, our co-founder is very passionate about this area, and is trained in coaching teams to bring out their best.


Of course, a major factor in delivering the best care is by knowing the latest in sports science. Therefore, we very much encourage learning and have a dedicated in-house CPD program which is employee lead.

Team socials

Always aspiring to have a close-knit team, we regularly go out for socials. And with London on our doorstep there’s really no excuse not too!

Giving back

If you’re interested in social good causes you can get involved in our charity partnership during work hours.


“Technique have provided the tools and environment to be able to give high quality care to all our patients. I have been supported in developing specialist pathways in which we are able to accurately gather data about patients’ function such as mobility, strength and endurance in order to effectively guide their rehabilitation.

Technique have cultivated a supportive environment in which I feel I have been able to develop as a clinician despite the Covid pandemic.”

Gus Morrison
Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead


If you are interested in joining Technique Health and Fitness please send your CV along with a covering letter to